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Our Neighbor's Keeper is a Nonprofit organization built on the idea that you can make a big influence in the lives of others through a series of small and simple acts. Our all-volunteer labor force means your donations go directly to those with the greatest need. Our vision is to provide peace of mind and the comforts of home to our neighbors in need in Jackson. We provide free furniture and household goods to prevously homeless families and others in similar situations. We offer support, advocacy, and referrals to those in need. We are also a thrift store with great stuff at amazing prices that we sell to help us further our mission. For more details, contact us at (517) 262 - 3189.

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Thanks for contacting Our Neighbors Keeper. We are committed to improving homeless people's lives. If you want to help us or find out more about what we do, please send a message. We're looking forward to hearing from you.