Our Story

Our director, Patricia Gougeon, was previously homeless with four children due to domestic violence and had to start over. After getting counselling for her and her children, Patricia completed her recovery and started volunteering at two different domestic violence shelters. She then moved to Jackson and volunteered for a year at Aware Domestic Violence Shelter until she was hired as a Shelter Advocate where she remained for 5 years.

Patricia saw a need to turn houses into homes for previously unhoused families who were sleeping and eating on the floor. Thus, she began Our Neighbor's Keeper. With a wonderful and supportive board of directors (Jordan, Connie, Jan, Kate and Priscilla), amazing supporters, and a community that we appreciate very much, our organization continues to help the community after 7 years.

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Thanks for contacting Our Neighbors Keeper. We are committed to improving homeless people's lives. If you want to help us or find out more about what we do, please send a message. We're looking forward to hearing from you.